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Portland's Municipal Rascal:

Introducing Jonathan Bourne Jr.

PAGE 28:

This fold-out poster of Portland, published in 1879, shows the Portland that greeted Jonathan Bourne Jr. when he first set foot in his new hometown, stepping off the gangplank of a ship that had carried him over from the Far East, where he'd been stranded by shipwreck. Portland would never be the same .... (Image: Library of Congress)

PAGE 29:

The man himself — Jonathan Bourne Jr. as he appeared in the 1880s, sporting the most spectacular moustache in town. (Image: Oregon Historical Society)

PAGE 31:

A lovely hand-tinted image of ships in the Portland Harbor during the 1880s or 1890s; some of these ships may actually have been whaling barques.The noticeable absence of oceangoing steamships from this image suggests it's on the older side. (Image: Oregon State University archives)

PAGE 33:

The clubhouse of the posh, plutocrats-only Arlington Club as it appeared in the 1910s. Bourne was a charter member of the club. (Image: City of Portland Archives)